buyer representation

Purchasing real estate has historically been the best investment a person can make. The idea is to find value before it is there, Hanna Solutions assists in developing goals with clients, site selection, negotiation and assisting in financing options.


seller representation

Selling real estate is more than just planting a “for sale” sign on a property. For every property, Hanna Solutions puts together a strategic plan to bring out the best value and attract buyers for your property. Using technology, digital media, and working together with trust community partners, Hanna Solutions sells Texas real estate.


lease representation

When it comes to business, "location, location, location" is commonly heard. Hanna Solutions assists clients in finding the best place to accommodate the needs of every business. Site selection and negotiating lease terms, Hanna Solutions goes above and beyond for every client.


project development

Taking raw land and converting it into greater net revenues is the best thing a property owner can do. Hanna Solutions seeks to help property owners do just this. Assisting land owners identify the right kind of use for their real estate, working with engineers to design improvements, and handling the process of obtaining proper approvals can lead to substantial returns for all parties.


site selection

We assist clients from out of the area locate the best site to set up their first to market business. When setting up a business for the first time, in a new area, it is crucial the proper market research is done to ensure success. Hanna Solutions has a deep understanding of business and does thorough market research for each client to make calculated decisions when expanding or relocating.


market research

From customer base, traffic counts, disposable income and community profiles, Hanna Solutions does the research for you.

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